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Okay, I remember I said I was 3/4 of the way through the next manuscript, but unfortunately as I progressed further and further, I realized that I was writing myself into a corner, so I’ve had to make some significant changes and additions to book 4, AKA Memorythief, so I can move the story along and be able to tell other stories in the future. In short, I’m writing the Ragnarok, and using that to reshape the world to something more in line with my original intent for this series, in addition to redoing the interior art for the first two books and their covers. Like someone once said, no artistic project is ever completed, just abandoned. I’m hoping to have the much-longer manuscript finished by the end of September, just in time to coincide with the re-re-release of books one and two with the new art in the first part of October. In the meantime, here’s a couple of pieces of the new art, just as a teaser:Hydra_002_crManannanMacLir