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Okay, I’ve finally finished with the first draft of book three, Memorythief, definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to write, so now I just have to finish the character illustrations, and start editing!

I might have tried to bite off more than I can chew with this one, given that Ragnarok is one of the bigger plot points, but by the time I’d gotten to writing chapter two, I realized that if I kept going with my original outline, I’d have written myself into an impossible-to-escape corner by the end, and I’d have to abandon all the other wonderful things I’ve got in mind for future installments in that world. So, voila, I threw in Ragnarok just so I had a really good way to file off the sharp edges and incipient contradictions, not to mention it’s just fun to blow stuff up from time to time!

On a related note, here’s the cover ( if you follow me on Facebook, you probably saw me post a cover image a week or two back, but immediately after I posted it, I realized I had to change it to make a couple of pieces show up better), I swear!MemorythiefCoverCorrected_001_cr