Plugging a product here, pay attention!


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I got one of these as a christmas gift, and I’ve already used up half the pad. For anyone that gets some of their best ideas in the shower, as I do!


Okay, newer editions available!


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Between learning to use 3d render software and making covers and new interior character illustrations for Firethief, correcting some conversion errors on Smashwords for Horsethief and Dreamthief, I’ve been busting hump behind the keyboard lately.

There have been some great results, though.

– I LOVE the new Firethief cover, Prometheus came out really close to the image I’ve had in my head for a couple of years now, which was the hardest bit to accomplish. The illustrations I did for Gaia and Tiamat came out eerily good as well, particularly since I didn’t have to do the kind of grunt work I did for the cover.

– I’ve re-released Firethief on Amazon and Smashwords, with only very minor editorial tweaks in addition to the new artwork.

– Horsethief has been re-released on Smashwords after I corrected the conversion errors, and I’ve already started planning on what illustrations I want to do for it

– Dreamthief has been corrected for the same conversion error, and is available on Smashwords, since Amazon won’t let me set the price at $0.00 and I refuse to put it out for 99 cents for a week or so and then change it to nothing, it’s just a principle thing.

As a special teaser, here’s one of the illustrations I’ve done, aside from the cover the most complicated of them:


New Cover Here!


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This is the cover for the new edition of Firethief, which I had to go back and revise because I found out I made ONE spelling error. I’m just anal-retentive like that.

For the curious, the guy holding a burning orb and covered in gold circuitry is Prometheus the Firethief, the guy holding his head and surrounded by water is Rhymer, Drakine Archivist and my protagonist. This is a dramatic revision of the scene where the two “meet” for the first time.FirethiefCoverFinal

Finally, progress is made!


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I’ve vented on here lately about playing with 3d rendering software, and I’ve finally got something besides the cover for book three to show for all the effort; With no further ado, here’s the character sketch I’ve done for Chrysaor the Golden, the Defender, Arch-Reeve, Demigod, and brother to Pegasus the winged horse. If I can keep making decent models, I’m thinking about doing illustrated editions of my stuff. Any opinions?Chrysaor The Golden

Thoughts on suicide, Robin Williams, etc.

There’a line in here that really speaks to what many people don’t get about depression; where Ethan talks about a lack of reciprocal happiness, what people without depressive tendencies don’t get is that no matter how happy a depressed person gets, that depression is still in the back of the mind and it never goes away. Humanity has been called the ability to hold two contradictory thoughts at the same time, and depression proves the point. Personally, I take comfort knowing that not everyone has this problem, and it helps me cope knowing that it’s MY burden and not someone else’s, but that’s just my perspective.